Do Bananas Boost Testosterone Levels – Scientific Evidence

Do Bananas Boost Testosterone Know Scientific Evidences

If you are scouting for affordable, simple, and safe ways to enhance your testosterone naturally, one of the top-notch solutions is to harness the power of bananas – a nutrient-packed yellow-coloured superfood.

Many horticulturists believe it originated in the dense forests of Southeast Asia – predominantly Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia – and is the earliest fruit on earth. Cultivated in 150+ countries today, bananas offer myriad health benefits and are fantastic energy boosters.

To discern whether bananas stimulate testosterone production, we conducted comprehensive research. The findings of the same have been presented below.

Scientifically-Backed Facts / Crucial Discoveries:
  • Structured workouts coupled with a wholesome diet, comprising a daily intake of 1-2 bananas, help restore waning Testosterone levels.
  • Bananas are a powerhouse of bromelain – a digestive enzyme that decreases male impotence and increases libido; it helps raise testosterone levels when the hormone production falls below the required minimum.
  • Banana is nutritionally dense – enriched with carbs, proteins, fibre, vitamins, & minerals.
  • Bananas lower fatigue, ferret out digestion issues, serve as a healthy pre-exercise snack, have antioxidant properties, and uplift physical & mental well-being.

How Do Bananas Facilitate Adequate Testosterone Maintenance?

While Mother Nature bestows mankind with numerous foods fortified with essential nutrients, what sets bananas apart is their bromelain content. According to a 2015 research, bromelain supplementation jacked up muscle rebuilding and T-formation in cyclists.

Bananas also contain vitamins B6 and C – vital nutrients for strengthening the brain and nerves that help regulate and control hormone secretions in the body. Besides, the comestible fruit encompasses significant amounts of potassium – a mineral that helps contract muscles, normalize blood pressure, and maintain ample liquid inside cells.

The amalgamation of the “Fantastic 4” – bromelain, potassium, pyridoxine, and ascorbic acid – in bananas augments Testosterone levels & deters moodiness.

Banana Nutrients And Benefits!

The prime constituent of bananas is bromelain – a proteolytic enzyme that fosters and stabilizes Testosterone production. As per a study conducted on mice, it alleviates the adverse effects of Bisphenol-A – a chemical causing endocrine disruptions, sperm anomalies, testicular impairment, and oxidative stress – on the male reproductive system.

Bromelain also reduces healing time from burns, wounds, bruises, sprains, and swells. Most importantly, it lessens inflammations due to sinusitis, injuries, infections and surgeries. The protein-digesting enzyme also has anti-tumor properties, eliminates dead skin, mitigates Arthritis pain, and slays viruses & bacteria.

Another key macronutrient found in bananas is magnesium. According to a 2011 study, magnesium supplementation enhances bioavailable Testosterone concentrations – unattached plus albumin-bound testosterone – in both inactive & athletic men. The increases were greater in the latter group. Rationale: Exercising and physical activities like sports have been shown to naturally increase levels of free Testosterone in the body.

As specified by USDA, 115g of raw banana contains 32.2mg of magnesium– 7.67% of updated DV. Thus, this component alone may not modify Testosterone levels as its quantity is below the prescribed minimum day-to-day magnesium intake (420mg). Nevertheless, it works in tandem with bananas’ other potent constituents to buttress overall body functioning.

Some critical benefits of bananas that directly and indirectly impact Testosterone production are:

  1. Maintains Blood Sugar.

Bananas are fibre-rich; a moderately-sized ripe banana has 5.31g of soluble fibre – 19% of DV. It dissolves in gastrointestinal fluids and water to produce an easily digestible gel. Thus, blood glucose remains controlled and metabolism occurs smoothly

Fibre also bolsters gut health, dampens liver cancer risk, and nurtures beneficial bacteria growth in the intestines. Thanks to its probiotic nature! But, if you have Type-2 diabetes, abstain from eating bananas as they have a high sugar & starch content.

  1. Curtails Stress
Curtails Stress

Stress and Testosterone generation are inversely related. Clinical studies have evidenced that chronic stress causes mitochondrial vitiation, hindering Testosterone production in Leydig cells and exacerbating the risk of developing erectile dysfunction.

Bananas encompass vitamins B6 & C – nutriments that regulate the secretion of stress hormones like cortisol, adrenaline, noradrenaline, etc., and catalyze the production of “feel good” neurotransmitters and hormones like dopamine, serotonin, and GABA. Thus, consume the apples of paradise to minimize stress-induced testosterone depletion.

  1. Regulates Blood Pressure

Bananas comprise a high potassium proportion (375mg) that lowers sodium secretion and dilates blood vessels. Consequently, blood pressure plummets, improving the body’s ability to make sufficient testosterone and manage hypertension. Your cardiovascular & kidney health becomes better, too.

Additional Benefits Derived From Banana Consumption!

Aside from pumping up your Testosterone levels, bananas offer the following notable benefits:

  1. Strengthens Immunity

A robust immune system safeguards you from innumerable infections. Banana’s components – Vitamin B6 and folate – help the body engender new RBCs that carry oxygen to various tissues; each RBC contains haemoglobin – a globular protein with traces of iron. Hence, bananas can mollify the anaemia risk.

  1. Induces Weight Reduction.
Induces Weight Reduction

Though bananas have a high carb content that hinders excess fat melting, their magnesium component makes your workouts, particularly weight training, more effective. The calorie content is less – slightly >100 cal. The inherent dietary fiber & resistant starch act as appetite tamers by creating a sense of fullness. Hence, cravings are reduced and you don’t binge.

  1. Powerful Antioxidant

Bananas have antioxidant compounds, namely, flavonoids & amines. They ensure the number of free radicals in the body does not spiral out of control and cause oxidative stress – A condition that harms DNA can trigger cancer and heart ailments, accelerate aging, and potentially prove fatal at times.

  1. Speeds Up Recovery

Devouring a banana after intensive workouts activates insulin release; the sugar in your bloodstream is transported to the muscle cells, where the glucose transforms into glycogen. Increased insulin sensitivity, glycogen replenishment, and banana’s anti-inflammatory constituents – dopamine, polyphenols, etc., rake up recovery time.

Chomping a protein-rich snack along with bananas prevents muscle breakdowns due to exercising, especially resistance training, and encourages new muscle formation.

Final Words!

Bananas indeed elevate your testosterone. Their ability to boost male virility isn’t a myth. Besides, they nourish each body system and help build lean muscle mass. Therefore, you must include them in your daily diet.

If you aren’t fond of bananas, try plantains – another species from the Musaceae family. They have incredible zinc concentrations that enhance testosterone, bone density, and sexual performance.

Lastly, for optimum Testosterone synthesis, also ingest pineapples every day as they are equally bromelain-rich, eat balanced meals, and exercise regularly.

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